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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I find a church in my area?
A. Please visit our church locator page or contact your local diocese to locate a congregation in your area.

Q. Which prayer book does the Anglican Church in North America use?
A. With the diocesan bishop’s approval, a congregation may use the Book of Common Prayer 1662, 1928, or 1979 in the US, the 1962 Canadian Book of Common Prayer, the newly authorized Texts for Common Prayer, or another authorized form for that particular diocese.

Q. What is the ACNA’s position on women’s ordination?
A. At the inception of the Anglican Church in North America, the lead Bishops unanimously agreed to work together for the good of the Kingdom. As part of this consensus, it was understood that there were differing understandings regarding the ordination of women to Holy Orders, but there existed a mutual love and respect for one another and a desire to move forward for the good of the Church. This commitment was deeply embedded in the Constitution and Canons overwhelmingly adopted by the Inaugural Assembly (2009).

In respect of the two integrities concerning Holy Orders, three matters were specifically agreed in Constitution and Canons:

  1. The Province shall make no canon abridging the authority of any member dioceses, clusters or networks (whether regional or affinity-based) and those dioceses banded together as jurisdictions with respect to its practice regarding the ordination of women to the diaconate or presbyterate (Constitution, Article VIII)
  2. Except as hereinafter provided, the norms for ordination shall be determined by the Bishops having jurisdiction. (Title III Canon 1.4)
  3. To be a suitable candidate for the episcopate, a person must: Be a male Presbyter at least 35 years old. (Title III Canon 8.3.7)

Q. I would like to go to an Anglican seminary.  What programs are available?
A. You can find a list of Anglican Seminaries and institutions with Anglican tracks by visiting the Seminaries tab on our Provincial Resources page.

Q. I am interested in becoming ordained, where do I start?
A. If you are discerning a call to ordination, speak with your rector and diocesan bishop to begin the process.  A list of diocesan websites with contact information can be found here.

Q. I am ordained in another denomination.  How do I become an ordained Anglican priest?
A. If you are an ordained minister interested in joining the Anglican Church, please contact your local bishop.  A list of diocesan websites with contact information can be found here.

Q. How do we obtain the Anglican Church in North America logo for use in digital and print projects?
A. Return a signed copy of this form [PDF] to Pam Norris to receive the Anglican Church in North America logo files.

Q. When will the new Prayerbook be complete?
A. The Prayerbook & Common Liturgy Task Force continues to work towards the completion of a Prayerbook for use in the Anglican Church in North America.  You may access the new Ordinal by visiting the Liturgy tab on our Provincial Resources page.

Q. How do I join the Anglican Church in North America?
A. Join a local congregation who is part of one of our member dioceses.  To search for a congregation near you, please visit our locator map.

Q. How do we reach Archbishop Beach?
A. Please send mail to 800 Maplewood Avenue, Ambridge, PA 15003 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Q. Where can I find more information about church planting?
A. Please visit the Anglican 1000 website for more information.