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Anglican pastor finds creative expression in painting watercolors

One of the more pleasant surprises I have experienced in life was the emergence of some latent artistic talent. My retired Marine Corps dad, had discovered painting in-between careers, but found watercolors frustrating so he passed them along to me. As a pastor, I rarely had a lot of free time, but one day, tired of TV and other rote stress relievers, I pulled out my dad’s watercolors and…hmmm? Is this how you do it? I wasn’t sure, but by God’s grace, I happened to “run into” Alan Morris a very gifted watercolor artist who took me under his wing, and a new passion was born!

Since that time in 2004, I have enjoyed the wonder of creating vibrant, loose, and realistic abstractions, often getting lost in them for hours. I call them “Living Watercolors” after Jesus’ promise to cause living waters to flow in the hearts of believers. (John 7:38) Every time I paint I have sense of wonder, awe, beauty, (along with some frustration), as colors and lines come together to tell a story.


“Allen” is a painting I did back in 2014. He has a wonderful story of redemption and healing that came about through Neighbor 2 Neighbor, one of our ministry partners in SouthEast Raleigh. Allen graciously allowed me to paint him as part of a sabbatical project of redemptive paintings/stories that culminated in an art show.


The pursuit of creative expression gives me a greater appreciation for the creative beauty and genius of our God. I can certainly understand how so much of scripture uses natural imagery to illustrate the faith.


Its been a blessing to be able to give the gift of an animal portrait when a friend is grieving the loss of a beloved pet.
I am grateful to the Lord that he has allowed me the ability for this relatively late passion.

(Many of Patrick’s works can be seen at his website or by following him on Facebook or Instagram @pdomingu)


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