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Anglicans for Life's Summit, ySummit, and Symposium 2020

Did you know that 43% of women having abortions in 2015* were sitting in churches within 30 days prior to their abortions? Did you know that nine states have now legalized assisted suicide and, in some of those states, you don’t have to have a terminal illness to receive help in killing yourself?

On top of the increasing cultural divide in our society, our vulnerable unborn and elderly brothers and sisters are being increasingly seen as expendable, even to those who believe in God.

Because these issues are degrading the sanctity of life, life that God says is good and created for a purpose, Anglicans for Life (AFL) is working overtime to make sure there are people in our churches who are equipped to provide ministry, pastoral care, and education on life topics. Specifically, AFL hosts an annual Summit in Washington DC, which coincides with the March for Life and the Life Symposium in Los Angeles, which occurs the day before the One Life Walk. Both events are focused on equipping God’s people for life-centered ministry!

Anglicans for Life doesn’t just have the vision of ending abortion; we’re also trying to prevent abortions through our efforts to connect with the younger generation to help them understand the importance of their relationships and sexuality, in light of their identity in Christ. Through ySummit: Mobilizing Young Anglicans for Life which is presented in partnership with Young Anglicans, we are seeking to give students a clearer picture of what the sanctity of life means.

We are very grateful that the Anglican Church in North America has faithfully supported the life-affirming ministry of Anglicans for Life. These events have been specifically designed to equip the Province to live out Title II, Canon 8, which says: “All members and clergy are called to protect and respect the sanctity of every human life.” While today’s culture increasingly celebrates and embraces death, God and His Word commands us to protect and value life. Our January events, Summit 2020, ySummit, and Life Symposium seek to mobilize life-ministry in your church by featuring awesome keynote speakers, workshops, testimonies, and networking opportunities.

Please join us at one of these events and get trained to uphold the sanctity of life in 2020!

1. Life Symposium (January 17-18, 2020): In conjunction with OneLife LA in Los Angeles, California. Additional information can be found on our website at .

2. Summit 2020 (January 23-24, 2020): Calling all Anglicans into Action for Life! You are invited to attend Summit 2020: Mobilizing the Church for Life on Thursday, January 23rd, 2020 at the Falls Church Anglican in Falls Church, VA. In a culture that embraces assisted suicide and abortion, this event seeks to inspire and equip you for life-affirming ministry! Visit for details.

3. ySummit 2020: Mobilizing Young Anglicans for Life (January 23-24, 2020): If you’re in middle school or high school, we invite you to the ySummit 2020 on January 23, 2020! This event is centered around the abundant life that Jesus gives us and through worship, fellowship, and engaging speakers, we’ll connect the Gospel with the social justice issue of life, so you can make a difference for the Kingdom here on earth. Visit for details.



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