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Apply to be a Communications Intern with the Anglican Church in North America

The 2017 communications internship with The Anglican Church in North America begins in mid May and runs until the end of June.

The internship provides the opportunity to contribute to the communications work of the Anglican Church in North America’s 2017 Provincial Council and Assembly both before, during, and after these events.

Those who are received into the internship may choose to move to Atlanta, or they may choose to connect with the program director via virtual office tools (Skype, Asana, etc.). Remote interns must have a reliable internet connection, and access to a distraction-free environment from which to work. The last week of June the internship will culminate in the behind-the-scenes support for Assembly 2017 on the Wheaton College campus.

Exploration (Week 1):

You will begin the internship by spending time learning about the history and distinctives of the Anglican Church in North America. In consultation with the Director of Communications, you will also begin laying out distinct objectives that can be completed by the end of the internship.

Development (Week 2):

You will begin your specific projects related to the deliverables needed for Assembly week. This process will include but is not limited to: strategic planning, content creation, content distribution, and impact analysis.

These goals may require technical skills in the Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, etc.) and standard office applications (Word, Excel, etc.). This is a learning environment where skill mastery is not expected, but basic proficiencies and a passion for further development are required.

This work will also require excellent habits of time management and the people skills to collaborate effectively in a virtual team environment.

Execution (Weeks 3-5):

This phase of the internship will require the development and distribution of project content.

Assembly Week (Week 6):

This is an intense week as you support the work of the “Mission on Our Doorstep” Assembly, and 7 distinct meetings in 5 days. As a member of the Provincial staff communications team you will assist with various behind-the-scenes aspects of the conference.

A few days after the event will be devoted to wrapping up any loose ends with the projects, completing any paperwork required by your college or university, spending time reflecting on what was valuable in the internship, and helping the project coordinator refine the program for the next year.

What we provide:

Projects that matter

Opportunities to grow


What you bring:


Hard work

Laptop with Adobe Software

Application Process

Interested College and University students, or recent graduates, should send the following information to The Rev. Cn. Andrew Gross, Director of Communications and Media Relations at the Anglican Church in North America ( as soon as possible for consideration:

• Name

• Educational Institution

• Home Church

• Resume

• Portfolio

Download a PDF of this information here.


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