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Archbishop Appoints Provincial Deans & Chaplains

“Instead of appointing just one Dean for the Province, I am appointing four deans to assist me in my ministry as Archbishop. The Dean of the Province is Ray Sutton, filling the canonical office. While the other deans are not required by the canons, these deans will advise and assist me, acting on my behalf with authority delegated by me:

Dean of College Affairs
This person’s role is to help me tend to the life of the College of Bishops: How we interact; how we do business together, how we care for one another, how we worship together, etc. The Dean of College Affairs is Bishop Terrell Glenn.

Dean of Provincial Affairs.
This person’s role is to help me tend to the mission of the Province: governance, committees and task forces, our various Provincial ministries, etc. The Dean of Provincial Affairs is Bishop John Guernsey.

Dean of International Affairs This person’s role is to help me tend to our common ministry and relationships with our Anglican partners: GAFCON, the Global South, coordination with ARDF and AGMP, etc. Each province with which we have any affinity will have a bishop ambassador from the College. The Dean of International Affairs is Bishop Bill Atwood.

Dean of Ecumenical Affairs This person’s role is to help me do our part in bringing harmony within Christendom: the various components of the Ecumenical Task Force and our emissaries who are having various conversations with different parts of the Body of Christ. The Dean of Ecumenical Affairs is Bishop Ray Sutton.

Senior College Chaplain.
I have asked Bishop Don Harvey to oversee our pastoral care to one another with the help of Bishop Dave Bena and Bishop Keith Ackerman, whom I have also asked to be College Chaplains.”


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