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Archbishop Duncan Announces Two Appointments

imageThe Rev. Prof. Dr. Stephen Noll has been appointed “Special Advisor on the Global Anglican Future,” a role for which he is uniquely qualified.

“Prof. Noll is an authority on the Anglican Communion and the theological compromises that have torn the fabric of the Communion,” notes Archbishop Duncan. “Along with this new advisory position, he will also serve as the North American member of the GFCA International Theological Commission.”

“For many years I have been concerned about matters of Anglican identity and the wider Anglican Communion, a concern that was deepened during my ten years living in Uganda,” Prof. Noll stated.

Dr. Noll expressed enthusiasm about his appointment. “I believe ‘the Anglican Way,’ particularly as described in the Jerusalem Declaration, has an important witness to make in the wider Christian church, and the Anglican Communion is strategically placed to serve Christ’s Great Commission worldwide,” he said. “While the current heterodoxy in parts of the historic Communion is regrettable, God is, I believe, raising up a new locus of Anglican identity, rooted in, but not exclusive to, the Global South.”

“Though dynamic and committed to Anglican orthodoxy, this movement has its own practical, theological, and missiological challenges in presenting the Gospel in various cultures, many of which are non-Christian, anti-Christian and post-Christian,” he continued. “It is important that the churches of this movement work together in facing these challenges, and I am pleased and honored to assist in any way I can.

imageThe Rev. Canon J. Phillip Ashey, Chief Operating Officer of the American Anglican Council (AAC), has been named as “Canon for Special Initiatives.” He is an elected member of the Executive Committee of the Province and has agreed to undertake special assignments as requested by the Archbishop.

“Canon Ashey directs a number of programs through his work at the AAC and is an authority on canon law,” said Archbishop Duncan. “He is also well known in international circles and will be a strong asset.”

“I am grateful to Archbishop Duncan for this appointment,” Canon Ashey said. “Through the work of the American Anglican Council, I am already involved in a number of special initiatives—leadership and congregational development, coaching new dioceses and developing structures and relationships that will enable Anglicans to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission in North America and throughout the Anglican Communion. I look forward to pursuing strategic opportunities and initiatives as they arise that will help us become one, united, biblical and missionary Anglican church for the sake of Christ and the Kingdom.”

Prof. Noll is currently visiting professor at Uganda Christian University in Mukono, Uganda, where he served as Vice Chancellor from 2000-2010. Previously he was Academic Dean at Trinity School and is the author of a number of books and articles. In addition, he was a key figure at the first GAFCON. He served as a member of the Theological Resource Group of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans and the Statement Committee at GAFCON 2008.

Prior to joining the staff of the American Anglican Council, Canon Ashey served in a number of congregations and planted South Riding Church in Virginia. He is a Consultant for the Primates’ Council of the Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans and the Lawyers Network for the Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans and has held a number of leadership positions for the Common Cause Partnership as well as the Anglican Church in North America.


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