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Call to Assist Those in Need in Egypt through Giving and Prayer

The following update was provided to the Anglican Church in North America by The Rev. Drew W. Schmotzer, Chaplain to Bishop Mouneer Anis. The Most Rev. Dr. Mouneer Anis serves as Bishop of the Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa and President Bishop of the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East.

The Youth Revolution of 25 January 2011 and the ensuing crisis within Egypt have shaken us to the core. Never had we thought the people of Egypt were capable of this type of change. While several hundred have been killed and thousands injured in the demonstrations, overall, the revolution was very peaceful. Egypt has forever changed.

Yet in the midst of this change, there is uncertainty. While instability creates anxiety and allows for fear and emotions to wreak havoc, this time of change has had a uniting effect in bringing Christians and Muslims together, united as Egyptians, to petition and demonstrate for a civil and democratic country. Christians have stood guarding Muslims while they have prayed; Muslims have protected Christians and their churches. A new spirit is in the air.

In the midst of the uncertainty within the government and the political sector, the Episcopal/Anglican Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa is certain of its calling: to reach the unreached, to train leaders, to serve holistically, and to build bridges with other denominations and other faiths. We are pressing on to meet the needs of the people who are suffering most from this crisis.

Helping Workers and Families
As a result of the crisis in Egypt, many have found themselves without work and unable to purchase basic necessities for their families, including food. Most of the people whom we serve work day-to-day. Thus, when the work stops, the income stops.

Our Community Development Centers are assisting approximately 17,500 total families. While our work is usually focused on assisting the poor and disadvantaged, our Centers are now faced with trying to provide food for a new set of people who lost their jobs.

If you would like to support the poorest of the poor, and those in the most immediate need, we would be grateful. For roughly 20 U.S. dollars, we would be able to provide basic food for a family of six for a week. Donation link:

Praying for Egypt
We are trusting in the Lord and we believe Egypt will be better for what has happened. We offer our deep thanks for your support and we invite you to join us in bringing the following petitions before the Lord.

•Please pray for Christians in Egypt to be faithful to the Gospel and to not only love one another, but to love our enemies as ourselves.

•Please pray for the Holy Spirit to unite us and to refresh us as we are under pressures daily.

•Please pray for the many without jobs, homes, or food during this crisis. Please pray for the provision of God.

•Please pray for the citizens of Egypt to voice their opinions and to actively participate in the future of our beloved country.


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