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Chile Earthquake: Anglican Relief and Development Fund

On Sunday, February 28, there was a major earthquake, centered near the second largest city in Chile, Concepcion, but causing significant damage as far as 500 kilometers north in Santiago. In the aftermath of the earthquake, the Anglican Relief and Development Fund has been in contact with Bishop Hector “Tito” Zavala, bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Chile. Bishop Zavala traveled to Concepcion on March 2 to personally assess the damage there. ARDF has placed a donation button here for donations for Chile relief and recovery and will be working to offer concrete support for the work of the Diocese of Chile in the weeks ahead.

Anglicans in Chile are part of the Province of the Southern Cone. Bishop Zavala has traveled extensively in North America and has been a consistent friend and supporter of the Anglican Church in North America. More information about the Anglican Diocese of Chile is also available here.

Checks may be sent to:

The Anglican Relief and Development Fund
PO Box 3830
Pittsburgh, PA 15230-3830

…with the word “Chile” in the memo line.


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