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Church Planting Leadership Fellowship

The fellowship, facilitated by Dr. Ed Stetzer of Lifeway Research, is a meeting whose purpose is to convene the leaders of church planting movements throughout the US. It is a small gathering for relationship building, networking, and peer-to-peer instruction.

Although there were less than 100 leaders at the gathering, the denominations and networks represented make up over 75% of all church planting in the United States. Among the speakers at the event were Matt Chandler, the director of the Acts 29 church planting network, Jon Ferguson, a primary leader of Exponential, and Dave Travis from The Leadership Network.

Canon Dan reflected of his time at CPLF:
“This is an important conversation for our Anglican movement to be a part of. There were some differences between the groups gathered there, but there is even more that we agree on and a great deal for us to learn from one another. Many of these leaders have been leading church planting movements long before our Province existed so their wisdom, knowledge, and friendship is invaluable. What unites everyone in the room is a passion for the glory of Christ and the proliferation of the Gospel through the work of church planting. As hard as we are working at this within the Anglican Church in North America, it is encouraging to know that we are a part of a much greater church planting community full of amazing leaders.”

Canon Dan was joined by the Rev. Jed Roseberry, a church planter at Restoration Church outside of Dallas, TX, and the Rev. Shawn McCain who has recently relocated to South Austin, TX to plant Resurrection Church. Also in attendance from our Anglican movement were two representatives from Greenhouse: the Rev. Keith Hartsell and Nate Beasley.


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