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Clergy Appreciation Month

October is Clergy Appreciation Month! With just a few days left, the Anglican Church in North America would like to recognize and thank our faithful clergy who serve our Province so well and work hard to reach North America with the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

In June, our Provincial Council passed the following Resolution of Thanksgiving for our clergy and their hard work through the Covid-19 pandemic. Please join us in thanking the Lord for our clergy and consider sending a note of appreciation to the pastors in your life.

Resolution of Thanksgiving

Whereas the Covid-19 pandemic created unique and often difficult challenges for our clergy that required decisions, actions, and adjustments outside of the ordinary scope of ministry. Such challenges often brought about extra stress, extra risk, and/or tension within congregations and communities.

Whereas closures during the Covid-19 pandemic may have left clergy consumed by the stressful administrative aspects of ministry without the in-person care for their flock that satisfies their pastoral hearts.

Whereas our clergy, in partnership with their lay leaders, carefully sought guidance from the Holy Spirit faithfully to lead their congregations through the Covid-19 pandemic, learning to engage their people and communities in new ways and through online forums.

Be it Resolved that this Provincial Council gives thanks to God and recognizes our Anglican Church in North America clergy and lay leaders and their hard work, diligence, and faithfulness in navigating this season with grace, love, and patient endurance.







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