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Dean of the Anglican Church in North America Appointed

Bishop Donald Harvey, moderator of the Anglican Network in Canada, has been appointed Dean of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) by Archbishop Robert Duncan. This appointment was unanimously ratified by the ACNA Executive Committee. As dean, Bishop Harvey will support the Primate by representing Archbishop Duncan at various events and meetings both within North America and internationally when the Primate is unable to attend.

The December meetings of the ACNA College of Bishops and Provincial Council identified the need for a dean to support the Primate and ease what was quickly becoming an overwhelming engagement schedule. In his new capacity as dean, Bishop Harvey will work closely with Archbishop Duncan and will be available to represent the Primate and ACNA when needed.

Bishop Harvey, who has nearly fifty years of ordained ministry, has worked closely with Archbishop Duncan for many years, as they together with others provided leadership to Biblically-faithful North America Anglicans and Episcopalians. He is well known and respected by global Anglican leaders and has built relationships with a number of Primates.

“I am delighted that Bishop Harvey has agreed to take on this new responsibility,” said Archbishop Duncan. “When the Executive Committee unanimously recommended that we create the role of “Dean of the Province”, and the Provincial Council concurred, I immediately began sounding out the members of the Executive Committee. There was unanimous sentiment among all consulted that the one senior bishop who could most easily and acceptably stand in my place was Bishop Donald Harvey.”

While Bishop Harvey will continue as Moderator of the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC), the recent appointment of three suffragan bishops for ANiC provides him with the flexibility to support Archbishop Duncan in the role of ACNA dean.

The Anglican Church in North America was launched in June of 2009, uniting 12 distinct Anglican groups and 703 arishes. Today, ACNA comprises some 100,000 Anglicans more than 765 parishes organized into 28 dioceses and spans the Canadian-United States border.


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