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Representatives from over 50 countries will gather June 17-22 in Jerusalem, Israel for the 10th Anniversary of Gafcon, the Global Anglican Future Conference. Gafcon is a global movement of Bible-based Anglicans who profess the orthodox apostolic faith and set out together in Gospel Mission.

This year’s conference will be the largest international gathering of Anglicans in 50 years with nearly 2,000 delegates. The theme for the conference is “proclaiming Christ faithfully to the nations.”

Delegates will hear from leaders in the Anglican Communion, learn from keynote speakers, and be encouraged in their ministry. Most importantly, they will engage with brothers and sisters from around the world, building Kingdom relationships to strengthen the mission of the Church and bring us closer together in fellowship.

You can follow along and participate too! The conference will be livestreamed on and can also be watched via YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. You can interact with the conference via the Twitter hashtag: #Gafcon2018.

The livestream will loop every eight hours, running each day’s sessions three times, meaning you can catch all the action as if it were live without having to wake up in the wee hours of the morning. The first loop of the livestream will begin at 9am EST.

While delegates are on break, you can catch interviews with leaders, speakers, laity, and conference workers, providing insight on how the conference is running, relationships being built, and highlights from the day.

Not able to watch a full eight hours? Catch the 30-minute highlight segment at the end of each day! We’ll provide for you a run-down of all the exciting topics and information you need to know.

Have questions? Tweet us! We’ll have guests and leaders answering questions we receive via Twitter.

Don’t miss out! Here’s how to follow along:

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