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Free Downloadable Commentary on GAFCON Jerusalem’s “Letter to the Churches”

While this work is independent of the Letter and Gafcon, Dr. Noll gives relevant context and reveals the importance of the Letter and its roaring approval from GAFCON Jerusalem delegates.

From the publisher:

At the third Global Anglican Future Conference in June 2018, nearly 2,000 delegates from around the world gathered to worship God, to hear inspirational teaching and testimony, and to chart the way forward for biblical Anglicanism. The Letter to the Churches was the Conference statement that summed up the hopes of those gathered for the global Anglican future.

The Letter to the Churches has three main sections: “Proclaiming God’s Gospel,” “Reforming God’s Church,” and “Reaching Out to the God’s World.” Each section is rooted in Scripture and the Person and Work of Jesus Christ. Each section engages the great challenges facing Christians today from within and without the Christian community, including threats to the uniqueness of Christ, to God’s creation of men and women in his image, and to the authority of the Bible.

Stephen Noll’s Commentary seeks to interpret the text of the Letter to the Churches faithfully, drawing implications and applications for confessing Anglicans within the Anglican Communion. In particular, he explains what the Letter means by “reordering the Communion” and “Questions for Canterbury.”

Dr. Noll, with the help of Anglican House Media Ministries, is providing this commentary as a resource to the Anglican Communion and the wider Church for free.

To download the commentary, click here. For more information directly from Dr. Noll, visit his blog here.

To read more from Dr. Noll about the Anglican Communion, its past, and its future, purchase his book, The Global Anglican Communion: Contending for Anglicanism, 1993-2018 here.


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