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Get to Know Your New Executive Committee Members

In June, the Provincial Council elected four new Executive Committee members, 2 lay and 2 clergy. Members are elected to serve one 3-year term. Learn more about them below.

Elected Lay Members

Deborah Tepley is the Executive Director at Church of the Advent in Washington D.C. In her role, Deborah works with the Rector of the parish to implement the vision of the church as well as manages the day-to-day operations, communications, and human resources. She is skilled and experienced in organizational leadership and enjoys supporting organizations that are transitioning to new organizational development stages. In addition to serving her congregation, Deborah also serves on the Constitution and Canons Committee for the Diocese of Christ our Hope.

Albert Thompson and his family are members at Christ the King in Alexandria, Virginia. An historian and professor of Western Civilization and United States History, Albert has spoken at multiple events within the Anglican Church in North America and its ministries. Additionally, Albert has served on the Standing Committee of the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic. He is married and a father to two young children.

Elected Clergy Members

The Rev. Chris Culpepper is Rector of Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church in Fort Worth, Texas. He has served in various leadership capacities across the Anglican Church in North America and the Diocese of Fort Worth. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, Fr. Chris worked in Commercial Real Estate before attending and graduating from Nashotah House Theological seminary in 2005. He is married to Margie with whom he has two adult children.

The Rev. Deacon Herb Bailey serves with Church Army USA as the Pittsburgh area director as well as Executive Ministry Director of Uncommon Grounds Café in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. Deacon Herb and his wife, Angel, have four daughters and three grandchildren. He was elected to the Executive Committee in 2019 as a lay member but was required to resign and re-run as a clergy member after having been ordained to the diaconate in June of this year.

Appointed Lay Delegate

Because the Rev. Deacon Herb Bailey was required to resign his seat as a lay member, a vacancy was left. According to the Canons, “The Executive Committee may elect a replacement for any member of the Executive Committee who does not serve for his or her full term of office” (Canon I.1.4). Accordingly, the new Executive Committee elected Dr. Bill Atwood, Diocese of San Joaquin, to fill the spot for the 2 remaining years of the term. Bill received the next highest votes for a lay delegate during the Provincial Council meeting.

Dr. Bill is a lifelong Anglican and a member of Christ Church Anglican in Oakhurst, California. Now retired, he worked as a public school teacher and administrator for 39 years. In retirement, he continues to serve as a substitute teacher and adjunct professor and is very active in church leadership. Dr. Bill is a husband to Carol and uncle to many nieces and nephews.

Keep these new members and the entire Executive Committee in your prayers as they meet Tuesday, August 18 via Zoom. Learn more about the governance of the Anglican Church in North America and see the full membership of the Executive Committee at:


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