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Honest Conversation and a Commitment to Prayer in the Carolinas

The challenge of overlapping geographic dioceses was addressed by the Governance Task Force of the Anglican Church in North America at its Provincial Council in June of this year. Noting the good work that has been done in New England under the leadership of Bishops Murdoch and Barnum, the task force expressed the conviction that “geographic density will follow relational density,” and encouraged its bishops to take the first steps toward greater unity.

Following the meeting in South Carolina this Monday, Archbishop Robert Duncan was encouraged: “I called the meeting to begin the discussion of how we bishops with overlapping juridictions might build unity among us. We didn’t gather all bishops who lead Anglican groups, but we began with those who are connected or discerning connection to the Anglican Church in North America. It was a very good day for the Kingdom.”

Statement from Camp St. Christopher

9 September 2013

We met together with a common vision for Biblical, missionary, united Anglicanism to reach North America with the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

As Bishops with jurisdiction in South Carolina, we gathered for prayer, honest conversation about our historic and recent wounds and to identify areas where we can work together.

We committed to praying together and meeting regularly, deepening and broadening communication with one another and furthering missional work of the Gospel.

It was agreed amongst the group that Bishop Mark Lawrence serve as Convener for future gatherings and conversation.

We hope that our work together will serve as an inspiration and foretaste of the unity that we have in Jesus Christ.

The Most Reverend Robert Duncan, Archbishop, Anglican Church in North America
The Right Reverend Steven Breedlove, PEARUSA
The Reverend David Bryan, Bishop-Elect, PEARUSA Southeast Network
The Right Reverend Alphonza Gadsden, REC Diocese of the Southeast
The Right Reverend Paul Hewett, Diocese of the Holy Cross, Federation of Anglican Churches in the Americas
The Right Reverend Mark Lawrence, Diocese of South Carolina
The Right Reverend William White, REC Diocese of the Southeast
The Right Reverend Stephen Wood, Diocese of the Carolinas


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