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Parish Profile
Who We Are: St. John’s is a community where ordinary people are changed by the grace and goodness of Jesus Christ to become faithful members of His church and humble servants to a hurting world. We remain grounded in Jesus Christ by centering our life together in His Word & Sacraments.

We are a four-year-old church in North Canton, Ohio with a highly committed and active membership of just over fifty. Our average Sunday attendance is generally between forty-five and fifty-five and includes a good mix of all ages, though the majority of our members come from young families with children. Since our first worship service in September of 2017, we have grown slowly but steadily, retaining almost all of our original members. During the past year, we have continued to grow despite the challenges of COVID-19, and we are enthusiastic about the future.

St. John’s was planted by a team led by the Rev. Canon Dr. Bryan Hollon, a full-time Professor of Theology at Malone University and Director of the C.S. Lewis Institute of Northeast Ohio. Fr. Bryan serves as Canon Theologian for the ADGL and plans to step away from leading St. John’s at the end of May 2021, since we are now in a position to hire a full-time Rector and move into the next stage of ministry. He and his family plan to remain members of St. John’s while backing out of leadership roles and making room for the new Rector and his family.

Our Daily Worship: We meet at 10:30 am on Sundays for Holy Eucharist, using the Renewed Ancient Text of the ACNA’s 2019 BCP. We also meet on Christmas morning, Ash Wednesday, for multiple Holy Week services and on various Holy Days throughout the year. We also meet for Evening Prayer from the BCP at 6:30 pm on Wednesdays, and some of our families practice the daily office.

Our Ministries and Facilities: Everyone on our Vestry chairs a ministry committee, and our people are highly active and involved. Currently, our ministries are divided into the following committees:

Building and Grounds
Service and Outreach
Fellowship and Study
Liturgy and Music
Worship Service Support

We meet in a wonderful facility on Main Street in North Canton with over 3,000 square feet of worship space downstairs and approximately 2,300 square feet of office and meeting space upstairs.

Our Community: North Canton, Ohio has a population of over 17,000 people with highly-rated public schools and a prosperous, friendly population. We are in Stark County, which has a population of over 370,000 and is situated just south of Akron and Cleveland. Northeast Ohio overall, has a population of just over 4.5 million with many cultural and entertainment opportunities nearby.

Our Diocese: St. John’s is a member congregation of the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes (ADGL). The ADGL is a diocese of the Anglican Church in North America and was established in June 2010. The ADGL currently has 47 congregations in the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, and Ohio, and one diocesan religious order in Virginia. Our Bishop is the Right Reverend Mark Engel.

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Rector Profile
We seek a rector who is gifted and well-equipped in:

Preaching/Teaching: We have a well-educated membership with a deep appreciation for teaching/preaching grounded in Scripture, guided by the church’s deep consensual tradition, contextualized for our time and place, and communicated in a compelling manner.

Discipleship: The people of St. John’s are especially burdened to hand over the “faith once delivered” to our children and plant it more deeply in our members. We are looking for a Rector who knows the faith well, communicates the faith in a compelling and relatable manner, and has a desire to draw people more deeply into a relationship with Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit to the Glory of God the Father.

Pastoral Care and Fellowship: It is especially important that our new Rector has a deep love of people. He should be more concerned about persons than ideas and therefore understand how good ideas relate to the overall well-being of each person. He should relate well to members of our congregation from each age group.

Evangelism and Missions: The people of St. John’s are warm and welcoming, and we need a rector who can help us reach out to the surrounding community in order to draw more people into our congregation and into a committed relationship with Jesus Christ.

Cultural Discernment: These are challenging times in our culture, and our Rector must be able to read the signs of the times while remaining faithful to the “faith once delivered.” The gospel is always “good news,” and those in ministry must remain focused on the perpetual newness of our message rather than becoming overly reactive and critical in a culture that is moving communities like ours to the margins.

Explaining the Anglican Way: Our rector should know the Anglican tradition well, love and appreciate its distinctives, and promote it within our community and beyond. Our people want to be formed in the catholic faith as handed down to us in the Anglican tradition, and we believe that this tradition possesses rich resources to be shared.

Experience: Ordination as an Anglican priest, a Master of Divinity at an ACNA recognized seminary, and ministry experience are required for this position. Senior leadership experience is preferred.

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