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Jon Ignatius Jack Lumanog Inhibited from Ministry

Mr. Jon I “Jack” Lumanog is no longer with the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). During a restorative period while under an ecclesiastical suspension, Mr Lumanog elected to seek ecclesiastical status with another non-ACNA faith group. This and other professional and personal decisions have led to him being inhibited from ministry by me. This means he is no longer a priest with, and has no ecclesiastical standing in, the Anglican Church in North America.

Mr Lumanog’s status is with one of the myriad of non-Anglican groups who loosely use a type of Anglican polity – that includes the use of Anglican titles. While we understand that he is titled as a “bishop” with this group, Mr. Lumanog is not a bishop with the ACNA or with any recognized ACNA or GAFCON communion body.


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