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Leitourgos – A work done on behalf of the people

Dr. Maxwell Johnson, professor of Liturgical Studies at Notre Dame, says, “In the New Testament, the primary use of this term is for Christ.” At its best, Anglican worship is a beautiful balance of both that which we do, and that which Christ did on our behalf. It is a reciprocal event.

Hopefully, you are wondering what financial development has to do with “leitourgos”? I am glad you asked.

Everyone who supports the work of the Province is actually supporting the work of their diocese and their local congregation. We have planted hundreds of new churches as a result of the Provincial push to start 1,000 churches. We have an amazing catechism that is now being utilized in many congregations to equip, instruct, and build the faith of our people. We participate in the life of the Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (GAFCON) family as full members. There is much that God has done for us, and much that He is calling us to do.

This year, our Province has a goal to raise $542,000 for mission and projects. We currently have about 300 households that faithfully support the Province. In other words, the work of a few hundred people is creating tremendous blessing both in North America and beyond. As these projects take root, and as the Province continues to grow and mature, we’d love to see this number double. Would you prayerfully consider joining this team of folks who year after year help support the work of this Province?

The Rev. Canon Alan Hawkins
Canon for Development

Contact info:
724.266.9400 ext. 301


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