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National Diocesan Youth Ministry Co-ordinators Gather

On August 26-27, Diocesan Youth Ministry Co-ordinators from across the continent gathered at Nashotah House, WI for a time to network, plan, discuss, pray, and be equipped and encouraged for the important role they play in their diocese.
The 10 participants, ranging from volunteer to full-time employed Diocesan workers came from across 10 different dioceses in North America.
There was training provided to assist co-ordinators for ministry in larger, resourced dioceses as well as strategic and creative ways to provide effective ministry in smaller, under-resourced dioceses. There were great opportunities to
share with one another from our collective wisdom and experience for a ministry role that is both important and unique for providing and promoting effective youth ministry.
The gathering was an enriching time for focusing on youth ministry in our varied situations as well as an encouraging and enjoyable time meeting with a fun and dynamic group of individuals. Anglicans Project hopes to provide this gathering regularly (annual or bi-annual) to grow the youth ministry networks and advance effective youth ministry among Anglican churches.

By Julie Moser
Diocesan Youth Missioner
Saskatchewan, Canada


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