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Spreading the Gospel Far and Wide

Psalm 96:3 says,“Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!” (ESV) The Very Reverend Norman Beale takes this scripture to heart as it has been a foundational part of his calling to ministry in general and especially in mission work in Nepal. Nepal is the mountain region situated in the Great Himalayan Range, in the continent of Asia and bordered by China to the north and India to the south, east, and west. In 1986, Chaplain Beale journeyed there for a four month exploratory trip seeking to discern God’s call.

In prayerful confirmation in late 1987, he returned to Nepal for long term residence and spent many years working among the Tamang – a mountain tribal group who were previously unreached with the Gospel. Chaplain Beale and his wife adopted 2 children as infants in Nepal and in 1999, he founded the Anglican Church in Nepal (ACN) with the Archbishop of South East Asia appointing him the Dean of the A.C.N. Now in November of 2016, Chaplain Beale returned to Nepal again to “take the bull by the horns!” Upon landing he commented, “I arrived in Kathmandu! My friends picked me up at the crazed & happily confused airport and we went out for dinner so nice to see everyone again. Today I will look up old friends, the sky is clear and the mountains are beautiful. So wonderful to be back in far-flung Nepal.”

Assisting as a cultural interpreter, Chaplain Beale accompanied The Anglican Church of North America Archbishop Foley Beach and a missionary entourage composed of Nepalese, Singaporean & American teams for confirmations at Anglican Churches centered at three remote locations. Along with Bishop Rennis Ponniah of Singapore they traveled by plane, helicopter, and on foot, visiting villages throughout the country while confirming hundreds of believers in Christ. The Anglican Church’s mission to reach out to the world can be summed up in one sentence from Archbishop Foley Beach, “We are people who are committed to deepening our relationship with Jesus Christ, and we are passionate about inviting others into this saving relationship with the living God!”

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