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2016 Anglican Family Symposium to take place at Truro Anglican Church

Building on the discussions from the first symposium, the 2016 conference will continue the conversation with some top-notch plenary speakers and practical workshops. Presenters will include the Rt. Rev. Dr. Graham Tomlin, Bishop of Kensington in the Diocese of London; the Rev. Dr. Tory Baucum, Rector of Truro Anglican Church; and Dr. Joseph Atkinson, Associate Professor of Sacred Scripture at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute. The 2016 Anglican Family Symposium is intended for clergy, lay leaders, parents, and anyone else interested in joining the conversation. Registration opens on July 12. More details can be found at our site.

“At the 2015 Symposium, The inadequacies of the current curricular-driven, age-segregated, programmatic models of Christian education were acknowledged” remembered Julia-Marie Halderman, one of the Anglican Family Working Group members. “There was a renewed sense of urgency to articulate a hope-filled, counter-cultural, life-giving Biblical theology of marriage, family, and singleness to an increasingly broken, fragmented, and lost society.” Video of the 2015 plenary addresses as well as articles from some of the workshop speakers are available on the website.

“This year we hope to dig into the scriptures to discover what a biblical theology of the family looks like” commented the Rev. Christopher Klukas, Chairman of the Anglican Family Working Group. “There is only so much formation that can happen on a Sunday morning. For the gospel to take root in a child’s heart, she must see the faith lived out in the everyday rhythms of her family. It is my hope that conference participants will come away with a renewed vision for ministry to children, youth, and families in our congregations.”

Anglican Family, a working group of the Anglican Church of North America Committee on Catechesis, is dedicated to the renewal of families for the flourishing of church and society through the resourcing of clergy, lay leaders, and parents in the work of faith formation.


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