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The Anglican Church in North America is a conciliar church where clergy and laity serve together in leadership. The Most Rev. Dr. Foley Beach serves as the Anglican Church in North America’s Archbishop. Bishops meet together as the College of Bishops. Laity and clergy take leadership responsibility on the Provincial Council and during the Provincial Assembly.

Constitution and Canons PDF – This edition reflects changes ratified by the 2019 Assembly.

Dr. Bill Atwood, San Joaquin

Cpt. Herb Bailey, Pittsburgh/Church Army USA

The Rev. Chris Culpepper, Fort Worth

Dr. Joan Deeks, ANiC

Mr. L. Gus Haddad, Southwest

The Rt. Rev. Neil Lebhar, Gulf Atlantic

The Rev. Jonathan Millard, Pittsburgh

Dcn. Lisa Schwandt, Western Gulf Coast

The Rev. Canon Filmore Strunk, Carolinas

Mrs. Deborah Tepley, Christ Our Hope

Mr. Albert Thompson, Mid-Atlantic

Mr. Jeffrey Walton, Mid-Atlantic

*The Anglican Church in North America has many partners in ministry of the Gospel. The list below is not exhaustive of all those with whom the Province serves the Lord. However, under Canon I.7.2, the following entities have been recognized as having “a special relationship with the Province.”

American Anglican Council – The AAC’s mission is to build a faithful Anglican witness in the Americas through educating and equipping individuals and congregations, providing individual counsel, guidance, educational materials, and legal consultation, and a variety of other pastoral and practical resources.

Anglican Global Mission Partners – AGMP is a voluntary networking partnership of 30+ Anglican global mission-committed organizations that include mission agencies, churches, dioceses, institutions, and jurisdictions throughout North America. These organizations are committed to sharing the gospel with every tribe, tongue, and nation.

Anglican House Media Ministry – Anglican House Media was founded in 2012 to serve as a media arm for the Anglican Church in North America. They stand with the greater Body of Christ to proclaim the Gospel message.

Anglican Relief and Development Fund – ARDF partners with Christian leaders working in their own communities to deliver strategic and effective aid and relief. Their projects are locally initiated and operated to reduce overheads and ensure cultural acceptance and sustainability.

Church Army USA – Church Army is committed to serving and reaching disconnected and hurting people with a message of hope, love, and joy. Ministers specialize in working outside of church buildings through addiction centers, urban farming, prisons, café ministries, back alleys, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and housing developments.

Forward in Faith North America – FIFNA is the catholic voice of Anglicanism in North America. They are a family who seeks to worship God the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, living and proclaiming the catholic faith as received in the Anglican tradition.

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