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Anglican 1000 Church Planting Summit Coming in March

Both clergy and laity are invited to gather at Christ Church in Plano, Texas, on March 6-8 for Anglican 1000’s 2012 Church Planting Summit. The event will seek to answer the question: What type of DNA is needed to plant, grow and multiply new Anglican churches and communities of faith in North America? Several Anglican leaders, including Archbishop Duncan, will be featured speakers at the event. Click here for more information or to register. An early registration discount is available through January 31.

Learn more about the event by reading a Q&A with the Rev. Daniel Adkinson, executive director of Anglican 1000:

1. What is the theme and focus of this year’s Anglican 1000 Church Planting Summit?
The primary theme of this year’s Summit is going deeper. At the first two gatherings, we came together to encourage each other that we should really be doing this work of planting churches! This year, we’ll think much more about what it means to be planting and growing these Anglican churches. We think that new church plants, church replants and growing congregations should all share a common Anglican DNA. We’ll be exploring that together at Summit 2012.

2. In the past, attendees have been very encouraged by field reports. Will that be a part of this year’s Summit?
Absolutely, we’ll hear from church planters from across North America! We’ll also be hearing from others involved in the work of church planting, including rectors whose congregations have birthed daughter congregations and leaders of some of the great partner organizations supporting Anglican church planting here in North America.

3. Is the event purely for church planters who are pastors or would lay people benefit as well?
Many denominations adopt a church planting strategy that involves a church planting “arm” of the group. Rather than being an arm, we feel that we are called to be a church planting “body” here in North America with everyone being a part of the work of church planting.

When our Archbishop called for the planting of 1,000 congregations, I was sitting on the front row at Christ Church Plano. He said this, “In the next five years, I want us to plant 1,000 new churches…we can do that and we can help each other do that…some will plant many, but there shouldn’t be any among us who aren’t trying to plant some.” This is a work we are doing together. We hope that all who are committed to this vision feel included and know they are invited to come be a part of Summit 2012!

4. What are you most looking forward to about the event?
I always enjoy the fellowship, the worship and time to pray for one another and this vital work in the Anglican Church, but I’m most looking forward to seeing our church planters. It is so encouraging to hear about the work they are doing all around North America.

5. How is the Lord working through Anglican 1000 and how can the Anglican Church in North America continue to pray for the movement?
The Lord is continuing to faithfully raise up new leaders and new congregations throughout North America. He has continued to use Anglican 1000 to serve and encourage all of this amazing work. However, we’re not the ones actually doing this work; the work is being done by the Anglican Church! Our bishops, clergy, and people are continuing to step out in faith to raise up new congregations to reach North America with the transforming love of Jesus Christ! We need to be praying for this missionary work — that it would become embedded in our DNA as Anglican Christians.


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