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Anglican 1000 Conference February 22-23

In June 2009 at Christ Church in Plano, Texas, the new Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America, Robert Duncan called for the planting of 1,000 churches during his ministry. The congregation erupted, but this was no mere applause line. Soon after this moment, Archbishop Duncan brought together a group of leaders from the United States and Canada who began to plan a cooperative movement that would fulfill this astonishing call. Planters and congregations from all parts of the Anglican Church formed a movement, Anglican 1000, to plant and raise up churches to reach North America with the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

Anglican 1000, an initiative of the Anglican Church in North America, is hosting a church planting summit in Plano, Texas to launch this cooperative movement. Summit participants will share best practices, learn from some of the top leadership in church planting, and hear real church planters and planting churches tell their story from the mission field. This is a unique chance to hear why Anglican Church Planting is ideally suited and positioned to reach North America. The featured speaker is Ed Stetzer, a nationally recognized authority on church planting. Other plenary speakers include Archbishop Duncan, Bishop Doc Loomis, the Rev. William Beasley, the Rev. David Roseberry, the Rev. Ray David Glenn, Dean Robert Munday, and Dean Justyn Terry. The Rev. Jim Salladin, an incredibly gifted, young Canadian, will lead Bible Study each day.

The Anglican 1000 Church Planting Summit 2010 will be held in Plano, Texas from February 22-23. The cost to register is $130 with limited scholarships available to full time seminarians. For more information, visit To register for the summit, click the “Sign Up Now” Button on the web page to go to a registration page. There are already over 250 people registered from all over the United States (with 27 states currently represented) and Canada (over 30 registrants already).

There are bishops, clergy, and laity from all parts of the Anglican Church already registered and coming to this Church Planting Summit. Don’t miss out on this chance to ignite a movement to raise up Anglican congregations and communities of faith to reach North America with the transforming love of Jesus Christ.


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