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Anglican 1000: Not Just for Church Planters

The Anglican 1000 Regional Events are not just for church planters, they are designed with the entire process of healthy maturation in mind. The first two days are General Sessions in which the entire conference is gathered to hear experienced Anglican leaders from across the country such as The Rt. Rev. Dr. Todd Hunter and others teach and dialogue about the components of a healthy Anglican Church. These sessions are pertinent for leaders of churches in all phases of development. After that, specific tracks are offered to meet the needs of churches in their particular stage of growth. These tracks include training in:


Church Renewal Training

Sometimes in the process of growing and maturing, both church plants and established churches get stuck and need some special attention to continue to grow. Anglican 1000 is partnering with the The Rev. Canon Phil Ashey and the American Anglican Council to offer encouragement and answers to churches that are plateaued in their growth or perplexed about the next steps.

Pioneer Church Planting Training

The Rev. Canon William Beasley of Greenhouse will be instructing specifically on the Pioneering model of planting, which encourages innovative planting in cultural centers like restaurants, bars, coffeehouses, parks, homes and neighborhoods, all while maintaining our Anglican integrity in a parish/regional church model.

Planting Churches in the Anglican Tradition

For those beginning the journey of church planting, solid equipping is essential to the process. The Anglican 1000 Team including The Rev. Canon Alan Hawkins, Vicar of Anglican 1000; and The Rev. Canon Dan Alger, Canon of Church Planting for the Anglican Diocese of the South; provide the practical tools and guides necessary to succeed in the work of planting and to stay healthy in the process.

Coaches Training

Our leaders need mentors, but mentoring leaders is a specialized skill that needs cultivating. Anglican 1000 is teaming up with The Rev. Dr. Tom Herrick from The Titus Institute for Church Planting in order to equip those who desire to serve in the important role of coach to other leaders.

Youth Ministry and College Ministry

Loving, evangelizing, discipling and training our young men and women is the key to reaching more souls for Christ and in providing a healthy leadership pipeline to sustain the work of the Church. Anglican 1000 is partnering with The Young Anglicans Project and Anglican Campus Fellowship to provide instruction and facilitate relationships that will help see these ministries bear great fruit through the Province.


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