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Bishop Harvey: Honoring the ministry of Archbishop Duncan

A letter from Provincial Dean & Canadian Bishop, Don Harvey.

Dearly Beloved Brothers and Sisters of the Anglican Church in North America,

I write to you on behalf of my brethren in the College of Bishops of the Anglican Church in North America to invite you to join in a special gift to our Church in honor of our beloved Archbishop and Primate, Robert W. Duncan.

From where I sit as Provincial Dean, I have witnessed the Lord working powerfully through the ministry of this extraordinary servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. Many, both here in North America and beyond our borders, realize that we would not be where we are today without the faith, sacrifice, leadership, and vision of His Grace.

The Church, for generations to come, will remain deeply indebted to this man and we want to give thanks to God through a gift from all of us – not to him personally, but to the work of the Province to which he has been so devoted.

Just consider what the Lord has done in our first five years together under His Grace’s leadership. Among his many contributions, four are especially noteworthy:

~ A miraculous bringing together of our churches and dioceses into a new Province.

~ A prophetic call to start new churches throughout our Province. The conversation has been changed from survival to growing the Kingdom of God through church planting and evangelism.

~ An opportunity to have a common liturgy available for use within our new Province. This huge undertaking has been started in our provisional Texts for Common Prayer that will lead to our new Book of Common Prayer.

~ A goal to have a new Anglican Catechism for our Province. The magnificent work of “To Be a Christian: An Anglican Catechism” will be available for purchase later this spring to be used for the purpose of discipleship in our congregations.

Please consider partnering with us to honor the tireless work of Archbishop Duncan by making a generous gift to our Province. Every gift – large and small – will help toward establishing a firm financial foundation to continue the good work begun by our Lord.


Know that all gifts received from this special appeal will go towards the Province’s work in our next chapter of life together. Furthermore, in deep appreciation and as a “thank you” from the Province, all donors will be recognized in the fall edition of The Apostle, and donors who give $250 and above will receive an advanced copy of “To Be a Christian: An Anglican Catechism” signed by Archbishop Duncan.

Archbishop Duncan’s generosity continues as we look to the Lord to raise up our next Archbishop for the Anglican Church in North America.



The Rt. Rev. Donald F. Harvey,
Provincial Dean, Anglican Church in North America
Moderator Bishop, Anglican Network in Canada

College of Bishops

The Rt. Rev. Keith Ackerman
The Rt. Rev. Kevin Allen
The Rt. Rev. Roger Ames
The Rt. Rev. David Anderson
The Rt. Rev. Bill Atwood
The Rt. Rev. Thaddeus Barnum
The Rt. Rev. Foley Beach
The Rt. Rev. David Bena
The Rt. Rev. Steve Breedlove
The Rt. Rev. David Bryan
The Rt. Rev. Julian Dobbs
The Rt. Rev. Charles Dorrington
The Rt. Rev. Amos Fagbamiye
The Rt. Rev. Ronald Ferris
The Rt. Rev. Alphonza Gadsden
The Rt. Rev. Raymond Gillin
The Rt. Rev. Terrell Glenn
The Rt. Rev. Royal Grote
The Rt. Rev. John Guernsey
The Rt. Rev. David Hicks
The Rt. Rev. Todd Hunter
The Rt. Rev. Jack Iker
The Rt. Rev. William Ilgenfritz
The Rt. Rev. Derek Jones
The Rt. Rev. Quigg Lawrence
The Rt. Rev. Neil Lebhar
The Rt. Rev. Steven Leung
The Rt. Rev. Richard Lipka
The Rt. Rev. Clark Lowenfield
The Rt. Rev. Francis Lyons
The Rt. Rev. Peter Manto
The Rt. Rev. Charlie Masters
The Rt. Rev. Eric Menees
The Rt. Rev. John Miller
The Rt. Rev. Alberto Morales
The Rt. Rev. Dan Morse
The Rt. Rev. Winfield Mott
The Rt. Rev. William Murdoch
The Rt. Rev. Felix Orji
The Rt. Rev. Leonard Riches
The Rt. Rev. Kenneth Ross
The Rt. Rev. Stewart Ruch
The Rt. Rev. Sam Seamans
The Rt. Rev. Ray Sutton
The Rt. Rev. Bill Thompson
The Rt. Rev. Trevor Walters
The Rt. Rev. Bill Wantland
The Rt. Rev. William White
The Rt. Rev. Steve Wood
The Rt. Rev. Mark Zimmerman

Note: To ensure that Canadian gifts are tax-deductible, the Anglican Network in Canada is receiving and receipting donations for this appeal on behalf of the Anglican Church in North America. Canadians are encouraged to mail donations to:
Anglican Network in Canada
Box 1013
Burlington, ON, Canada L7R 4L8


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