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Call To Prayer: Uganda

On Sunday, terrorists attacked people in Kampala, Uganda, watching the World Cup final match. More than 70 people died in the blasts and many others were injured.

According to the Rev. Cn. Dr. Alison Barfoot, who serves as the Assistant to Archbishop Henry Orombi for International Relations, the bombings have had an affect on Uganda similar to that the September 11 terrorist attacks had on the United States.

When asked how North American Anglicans might pray for Uganda, Canon Barfoot made four specific requests:

1. For the families of those innocent victims who are suffering from brutal deaths or injuries.

2. For those, especially church leaders, who are ministering to the injured, shocked, and frightened.

3. For the government to respond appropriately and work to keep Uganda and Ugandans safe.

4. For any other plots to be foiled and the plans of the enemy to be confused.

Canon Barfoot went on to say that Archbishop Orombi has called on the people of Uganda to focus on Psalm 46.1, “God is our refuge and our strength.”

Archbishop Orombi has also published a pastoral letter in response to the bombings. It is available here.


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