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Celebrate Anglicanism

“For any who want to understand the basics of Christian Faith and the way that Faith has come to be handed on by those who would describe themselves as Anglican Christians this book covers all the basics. Celebrate Anglicanism is written by a layman for the laity of the Anglican Church. The book is for those who are curious, who want to learn, who need basic knowledge. It is for ordinary Christians and those who are considering claiming their vocations as laymen and women in the world. The book is an invitation to becoming a disciple, and being informed enough to invite others into following Christ as committed and informed Anglicans. Celebrate Anglicanism is divided into seven chapters. It encourages use by groups — classes — where together inquirers can discover the treasure that is the Christian Faith in the Anglican Way.” The Most Reverend Robert Duncan

Each unit of study of Celebrate Anglicanism includes Questions for Preparation and Questions for Discussion relating to the following topics designed for the layperson:

What is an Anglican?

Anglican Doctrine, Beliefs, and Traditions

Anglican Liturgy and More

The Anglican Communion

The Role of the Laity

Celebrate being an Anglican

Becoming a Fisher of Men

Celebrate Anglicanism is published by Anglican House Publishers Inc., and is available for sale on Amazon. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Diocese of Western Anglicans.


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