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Diocese of Pittsburgh Elects New Bishop

Meeting today at St. Stephen’s church in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, delegates from across the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh elected the Rev. Alex Cameron to be their next bishop.

Rev. Cameron has served churches in Montreal, Vermont, and Chicago, and over the last 30 years has worked in rural, suburban, and urban contexts. Most recently, he has led the Isaiah Forty Foundation which provides teaching, prayer, and coaching to those seeking healing and wholeness. Rev. Cameron has also worked for General Electric and owned a consulting company. He and his wife Tamara have four adult children and three grandchildren. Reflecting on the day, Rev. Cameron said, “I am honored and humbled by the decision of the Special Convention, and I look forward to serving the diocese to the best of my ability, the Lord being my helper.”

Candidates for bishop in the Anglican Church in North America are elected by clergy and lay representatives of a diocese. The search process in the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh began in May of 2021, and on January 28, 2022, the Search Team and Standing Committee announced three candidates. In late March of 2022, the candidates participated in four “walkabouts,” visiting different parishes, and answering questions submitted by members of the diocese. This morning, after a service of worship and prayer, 117 clergy and 92 lay delegates elected Rev. Cameron on the first ballot.

Bishop Martyn Minns, who has been serving as the interim bishop of the diocese commented, “I was a bit surprised the Spirit directed us so quickly, but perhaps I shouldn’t have been. The diocese is healthy, and the Convention was peaceful, orderly, and joyful.” Minns continued, “Rev. Cameron brings significant gifts to this office. I am grateful for his experience and passion for the Church. The diocese will be well-served going forward.” At the next meeting of the Anglican Church in North America, to be held in Falls Church, Virginia, June 12-14, 2022, Rev. Cameron will meet with the College of Bishops and seek their consent to the diocesan election. The consecration service is tentatively scheduled for August 6, 2022. –

—- About the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh

Covering the western half of Pennsylvania, with a few churches in other states, the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh has 6,473 members in 47 congregations. It is one of 27 dioceses in the Anglican Church in North America.


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