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Ecclesiastical Court Decides Atkinson Case

The Court for the Trial of a Bishop has rendered its decision in the Matter of Bishop Todd Atkinson, in which he was Presented for four charges of violating Canon IV.2.4: “Conduct giving just cause for scandal or offense, including the abuse of ecclesiastical power.” The Court found Atkinson guilty on all four charges.

All parties agreed to conduct the trial by written submissions of briefings, witness testimony through affidavit, and other evidence. This manner of proceeding saved resources for all parties and spared witnesses, including victims, from enduring the stresses of live testimony and cross-examination.

Atkinson has 30 days to appeal the Trial Court’s decision (Canon IV.5.5.1).

The Court Order will be published in due time. Careful consideration is being given to appropriate redaction for the protection of victims and witnesses.



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