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Governing Bodies of the Anglican Church in North America Gather in Ridgecrest

Today marks the beginning of weeklong meetings for the governing bodies of the Anglican Church in North America, culminating in the public Assembly 2012 in Ridgecrest, N.C. Today’s meetings of the Executive Committee and Archbishop’s Cabinet were marked by an emphasis on the vital importance of the Gospel mission of the Church: spreading the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

Continuing throughout the week, this central theme will manifest itself time and time again in discussions of church planting, congregational growth, the acceptance of new dioceses, election of new leaders, global mission, and more.

In addition, the diversity of the attendees this week speaks to the strength not just of the Anglican Church in North America’s global connections, but to how God is bringing His worldwide church together. Special guests are arriving from around the globe including Africa, Asia and South America.

Among those in attendance are the Archbishop Eliud Wabukala, Primate of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Chairman of the FCA Primates’ Council, Archbishop Onesphore Rwaje, Primate of the Anglican Church of Rwanda, Archbishop Henri Isingoma, Primate of the Anglican Church of the Congo, Archbishop Justice Akrofi of West Africa, Bishop George Katwesigye, representing Archbishop Henry Orombi of Uganda and two bishops and four clergy members from the Diocese of Recife in Brazil.

We ask you to join us in prayer for Assembly 2012, especially for our leaders as they gather, for the more than 600 registered attendees, and in giving thanks for the global leaders who will be with us.


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