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Initiatory and Pastoral Rites Feedback Sought

Please provide your feedback – both your experience with and proposed improvements of our working texts – to not later than August 6th (Transfiguration).

In April, when the Liturgy Task Force met to finalize the lesser daily offices, the Great Litany and the Lent and Holy Week rites, 277 feedback emails significantly assisted the Task Force in shaping the final forms of those services.

The last appeal for feedback was hugely successful. We are nearing the home stretch. According to a recent survey by the Barna Organization, 1 in 10 active Christians uses the Book of Common Prayer daily. The BCP 2019 will form a generation of believers. Let’s make it the best it can possibly be.

To access the liturgies, visit the Liturgy page here.
To read more about the call for feedback on other rites, click here.


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