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Late Pentecost & Advent Edition of The Apostle Magazine Released

The Anglican Church of North America is pleased to release The Apostle Online, “Late Pentecost & Advent” edition.

In this broken world, human relationships are often painful and messy. But when the Lord’s grace can shine into that messiness, the light and goodness of the Gospel is shown to the world, revealing the beauty of restoration with each other and him now and the hope of the ultimate restoration of all things to come. In this issue of the Apostle, we dig into the ministry of relationship, sharing the stories of a Rector who was adopted and reunited with his birth mother later in life, a campus minister leading a thriving ministry with college students, a unique cross-cultural experience in Uganda, and Knoxville’s “scruffy” kind of hospitality. Be sure to also catch the bonus audio and video content available.

*A full PDF version of the magazine will be available sometime next week.


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