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Mission Chattanooga Releases Advent Album: God With Us

Mission Chattanooga is an intentionally rooted, creative, diverse, and empowered community of faith in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They are seeking to love God and reveal His kingdom by stewarding His goodness, truth, and beauty throughout their neighborhood, their city, and the world.

The team that originally launched Mission Chattanooga included five professional musicians, one visual artist, and a writer.  Genesis 1:26 says God created man, and therefore He is the original creator and ultimate artist.  All that is wonderful and beautiful in this world originates from His craftsmanship.  Mission Chattanooga seeks to use the arts and music as a means of reflecting God and His kingdom.

Mission Chattanooga is excited to announce that after seven years of training, preparing, and cultivating a musical culture they are beginning to record original music.  MissionSong was birthed out of the passion of their music department to glorify God, serve their church body, and serve the Church worldwide.  MissionSong is working to gather songs, refine them, record them, and send them out. 

Another exciting impact of this endeavor has been a greater unification of the musicians and songwriters across their different chapels and services, as well as collaboration with other churches within their city and beyond.  They have begun the journey of writing and releasing music following the church calendar, and are now pleased to announce the release of the first project from MissionSong called Advent: God With Us. The album features songs written by Mission Chattanooga songwriters and a combined vocal ensemble composed of worship leaders, music pastors, and singers within their city.  Mission musicians are featured prominently on the recording, and music legend and recording artist Lenny LeBlanc (Songwriter for “Above All”, “There is None Like You” and many other great songs) makes a special contribution.

MissionSong’s Advent: God With Us is available to purchase on iTunes as a resource for your church or for your personal enjoyment this Advent season. You can learn more here.


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