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Raising the Next Generation of Leaders for the Next Generation of ACNA

By The Venerable Jessica Howe Jones, PhD, NGLI

Whenever I ask a ministry leader when they began leading, inevitably their story begins with an ask. Someone in leader-ship asked them to step into a new leadership role. It may have been as simple as greeting people on Sunday morning or as bold as sharing their testimony, but it almost always follows a specific ask. The future leader was engaged and the current leader recognized that engagement and invited them in. The response was “yes.”

When was the first time you led in ministry? For me, my youth leader asked if I was willing to join the youth praise team. I led as a 13-year-old and have never stopped doing ministry since. One ask changed my trajectory, because I said “yes.”

When was the last time you asked someone to come alongside you in ministry to lead something new to them? How are you casting vision to raise up new leaders? How are you building a culture in which current leaders are making the ask to future leaders of all age ranges and people groups?

Discovering – Develop – Deploy

The Next Generation Leadership Initiative (NGLI) is helping to raise up the next generation of leaders for the next generation of the Anglican Church in North America. NGLI is focused on discovering new leaders, walking alongside them as they develop, and helping deploy them into effective ministry. NGLI does this by supporting dioceses and churches through our leadership networks. These networks are organized by directors who work to raise up new leaders, to provide resources and training for leaders, and who network to create opportunities for new partnerships.

How can your ministry leaders get involved?

The main way NGLI can serve you is through the work being done within our leadership networks. These networks cover a variety of areas and diocesan/church leaders are encouraged to join these networks to connect to others serving in similar roles, to learn alongside each other, to gain access to resources, and to strengthen the leadership of the Province. Leadership networks connect leaders of all age groups and strive to raise up leaders in areas such as youth leaders, ethnic-minority leaders, and women, to name a few, while continuing to add leadership networks of significance to support the work being done at the parish and diocesan levels of the Anglican Church in North America.

This is our ask. Are you ready to step into the next level of leadership? These networks need your yes as we grow stronger together. Join us to develop as a leader, to develop your team, and to build the pipeline for your diocese or church. Together we can raise up the next generation of leaders for the next generation of the Anglican Church in North America.



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