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Raising the Next Generation of Leaders for the Next Generation of the ACNA


Next Generation Leadership Initiative

Leadership crisis or development crisis? 

I hear frequently that the Church is facing a leadership crisis. In fact, almost every week I am asked if I know any leaders available to join someone’s team. Sometimes it works that I can help. Every time, however, I also encourage the leader to begin building a system that develops leaders from within.

I am not so sure we are facing a leadership crisis. I think it is more likely that we are facing a development crisis. Consider the programs and events for which you are responsible: in what phase of development is it? 

Phase 1: nothing runs without you
Phase 2: things run, but don’t grow without you
Phase 3: things run, and grow, without you

This is a generalization as ministry has many facets that influence its sustainability, but it is a helpful exercise. If all of your programs are in Phase 1, then you won’t have developed leaders to come alongside you in mission.

What steps could you take today to empower others in new levels of leadership? What can you give away? How can you build a teaching ministry, inviting others to learn alongside you as you lead?

The Next Generation Leadership Initiative (NGLI) was created to help dioceses and churches examine leadership development in ways that build systems to deepen the bench: to raise up the next generation of leaders for the next generation of the ACNA. The ACNA is a church-planting province and you cannot build churches, or reach those within our communities, without developing leaders.

NGLI offers networks for developing leaders in specific people groups:

  • Family- focused on developing parish family ministry leaders as well as resourcing our families to disciple at home;
  • Student- focused on developing ministry leaders, building systems of leadership for our students, and reaching Generations Z and Alpha;
  • Campus- focused on developing campus ministers, partnering with local churches and parachurch ministries, and discipling college-age adults;
  • Antioch- focused on raising up ethnic-minority leaders and celebrating the diversity within our communities;
  • Women- focused on empowering lay and ordained women to flourish in ministry under their bishop; 
  • Access- focused on including those with disabilities as equal agents of the Gospel. 

These networks gather monthly, offer training, and resource leaders across the ACNA.

Simply put: NGLI exists to help leaders discover, develop, and deploy missional leaders, who will exponentially develop others as well. Where could you use our help today? 

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