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Registration is Open for the June 6-9 Church Planters Boot Camp

The four days of intensive training sessions will explore the principles and best practices needed to launch a church.

You’ll discover the answers to such questions as:

  • What does God want to do? (What is His vision for the community?
  • Who am I? (How will my gifts, skills, values and leadership style affect this ministry?
  • What am I sent to do? (What is my specific assignment in this community?
  • Who will do it with me? (How do I recruit people to fulfill God’s vision?
  • How will we do it? (What steps will we take to start a healthy church?
  • How will we evaluate our progress? (Are we accomplishing what God wants us to do?

You’ll leave the Boot Camp with:

  • A draft Launch Plan for your new church, with the major elements of your ministry defined;
  • Key strategies fleshed out;
  • Accomplishable major milestones identified; and
  • An initial time line to follow.

There are many training venues for church planters; few are sensitive to the sacramental and liturgical traditions our Anglican leaders bring to the table.

Planters are encouraged to include their spouses, if married, and key members of their launch teams in order to provide a common conceptual framework for the work they are undertaking. Instruction in the core concepts is interspersed with team exercises to allow planters and teams to flesh out how the principles will be translated into their setting.

The Boot Camp’s training process is based on an adult learning model built on direct involvement and group interaction, mixed with lecture-based presentations. Participants are helped to think through what they need to do and how, and then begin to develop a plan that will help to guide the process.

The Church Planters Boot Camp is also beneficial for those who have recently planted churches; it helps to clarify missional strategy and discern aspects of church planting that may be overlooked.

Dates and Time
June 6-9, 2016 Sessions will run from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Planter: $350;
Planter and Spouse (without a team): $500;
Team Members: $300 for groups up to six; $50 per additional person. (Spouse may be included in the group rate.)
Boot Camp Alumni may attend for free.
Materials, lunch and snacks are included.
Payment plans are available. Email {encode=”” title=””} to participate.

Register here by May 23, 2016. Planters and Teams from the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic should use promotion code DOMABC2016.

For more information, email {encode=”” title=””} or {encode=”” title=””}.


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