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Registration underway for Anglican Family Symposium 2015

The Domestic Church: Family Catechesis in Contemporary Society
October 15-17, 2015
Christ Church, Plano, TX

It has been broadly estimated that the average person has roughly one hundred hours per week of discretionary time. In the church, our clergy, staff, and lay leaders often spend the vast majority of their time focusing on the two or three hours someone spends with them in a worship service or bible study, while at the same time putting little to no thought into how they can support these same people in the meaningful and intentional use of the other hundred hours.

For the church to thrive in the 21st century, we must boldly embrace the wholehearted pursuit of Christ in every area of our lives, and we as church leaders must take seriously our role in equipping and encouraging meaningful spiritual formation outside the walls of the church.

Registration is now open for the Anglican Family Symposium 2015 (October 15-17, 2015) at Christ Church in Plano, TX. The theme of the symposium is “The Domestic Church: Family Catechesis in Contemporary Society.”

Join us for a focused conversation on how this formation can flourish within the family, which the early Fathers commonly called “the domestic church.” We firmly believe that the renewal of our churches must begin with the renewal of families as the primary means of discipleship, spiritual formation, and growth.

Presenters include the Rev. Jack Gabig, Affiliate Professor of Practical Theology, Nashotah House ; the Rev. Dr. Tory Baucum, rector of Truro Anglican Church (Fairfax, VA); the Rev. Canon David Roseberrry, Rector of Christ Church (Plano, TX); Dr. Leslie Thyberg, Learning Skills Coordinator at Trinity School for Ministry; Dr. Nancy Going, Executive Director of Vibrant Faith; the Rev. Tripp Prince, Director of Family Ministry at Christ Church (Plano, TX); the Rev. Joey Fitzgerald, rector of Church of the Outer Banks (Nags Head, NC); the Rev. Christopher Kluakas, Director of Communications and Whitchurch Publishing at Trinity School for Ministry; Hannah King, Director of Local Missions at Truro Anglican Church (Fairfax, VA); the Rev. Dr. Steven Tighe, Chairman of the Young Anglicans Project; and others.

This gathering will be highly interactive, examining various models of catechesis and formation, as well as the opportunities and challenges of family ministry in our contemporary context. The aim isn’t to simply create yet another conference or event, but to intentionally carve out space for active leaders in the area of family ministry to gather for meaningful networking, creative collaboration, resource sharing, and inspiration.

Based at Christ Church (Plano, TX), Anglican Family is dedicated to the renewal of families for the flourishing of church and society. We do this by resourcing and equipping clergy, lay leaders, and parents in the work of faith formation. In addition to national and regional gatherings, in the near future Anglican Family will also be a source for curriculum, formative programs, and additional resources.

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Anglican Family
Christ Church Plano
4550 Legacy Drive
Plano, Texas 75024


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