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Statement on DACA from Caminemos Juntos & A.M.E.N

Caminemos Juntos and the Anglican Multi-Ethnic Network (AMEN) are entities of the Anglican Church in North America dedicated to helping the province better reflect the diversity of North America in our local churches. We join together at this time to express our love and concern for those who are affected by the recent revocation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). These brothers and sisters of ours, most of whom are of Latino ethnicity, are experiencing grief, pain and fear as well as uncertainty about their future. We want to make it clear to them that they have our support.

The Latino community in the United States is and will continue to be a vital part of the Church in this country and for this, we give thanks to Almighty God. As fellow members of the Body of Christ, we rejoice in the gifts they bring to our Church family (1 Cor. 12:22) and the contributions they make to local communities. We therefore ask those entrusted with the role of governing and legislating to provide a comprehensive solution to the wider immigration issue that includes a path to citizenship for those children raised here who only know this place as their home.

To develop an awareness of the various facets of DACA, DREAMers and immigration, we encourage everyone to take the time to become informed about the legal and personal issues that impact so many.

As co-workers in the vineyard of the Lord, we hope and pray that members of our province will avoid hurtful and hateful language and instead foster attitudes that unite us in Christ rather than divide. Furthermore, we encourage our fellow Anglican Christians to reach out with tangible expressions of the love of Christ to those whose lives are directly affected by these circumstances, be it through words of encouragement or deeds of provision. May the peace of Christ which surpasses all understanding be the true path that leads us to citizenship in God’s eternal kingdom.

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