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The Little Kneeler That Could

The book, written by Marilyn Bloch, a member of Christ Church XP in Montgomery, AL and of the church’s’ St. Claire Guild, was inspired by the needlepoint kneelers in the church.

The then current kneelers in the church had suffered moth damage, and the guild wanted to find a way to offset some of the cost of the repairs. At a guild meeting, one of the members suggested Marilyn (an English teacher for 32 years) write a book to sell, and call it “The Little Kneeler that Could.” She initially took the suggestion lightheartedly, but that evening Marilyn went home and began writing. She wanted the book to be for both children and adults so that both would understand the importance of prayer as well as the significance of the different crosses sewn on the kneelers.

At Christ Church XP there are approximately 30 people who needlepoint, and to date they have stitched 297 needlepoint kneelers of their goal of 500.

Since the kneeler repairs have been paid for, all of proceeds of the book go back into the church. If you would like to purchase a book you can email The cost for each book is $15 plus shipping.

More about the book can be found on their Facebook page:


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