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The Rev. Alan Hawkins Called to Be Vicar for Anglican 1000

As Provincial Assembly kicked off on Thursday, June 7 in Ridgecrest, N.C., Archbishop Robert Duncan made the exciting announcement that The Rev. Alan Hawkins has answered the call to serve the Province as Vicar for the Anglican 1000 movement. In his new role as Vicar (Provincial Director), Hawkins will be the provincial catalyst for making church planting the central enterprise of the Anglican Church in North America. As Anglican 1000 moves into this new phase, the headquarters will be relocated to the provincial office just outside of Pittsburgh, Pa.

“It is humbling and a privilege to be called to serve in this capacity. Anglican 1000 is a cornerstone of the Anglican Church in North America and I look forward to being able to encourage and support the planting of new churches in our tradition throughout North America,” said The Rev. Alan Hawkins.

The Rev. Alan Hawkins is currently rector of Church of the Redeemer, a PEARUSA congregation in Greensboro, N.C. He has worked closely with Anglican 1000 over the years as he has planted three churches and recently served as the coordinator of the Simeon Fellowship, a peer-to-peer fellowship of rectors to facilitate and encourage Gospel-centered Anglican church planting throughout North America by emulating the life and ministry of Charles Simeon. Hawkins’ current congregation, Church of the Redeemer, grew from a core group of 20 to nearly 160 people today.

Hawkins has also served the various church plants and church planters within PEARUSA and worked as a regional leader for clergy and churches in North Carolina, parts of Virginia, and Eastern Tennessee. Prior to serving as a regional leader in PEARUSA, Hawkins was the network leader for over 60 churches in the Anglican Mission in the Americas. Hawkins and his wife, Angela Kaye, are the parents of five children.

“My vision is to build on the office and ministry of Anglican 1000 started by Canon David Roseberry and Rev. Daniel Adkinson, to see more new churches planted, to witness the next generation of leaders develop, and to experience God’s pleasure in what we are called to do,” Hawkins said.

Anglican 1000 is one of the core ministry areas of the Anglican Church in North America and has grown immensely since its inception in 2009. Following Archbishop Duncan’s prophetic call for 1,000 new congregations during his investiture, more than 200 new works have been planted, many with the assistance and support of Anglican 1000.

Hawkins’ role will be centered on encouraging an ever-increasing number of Anglican congregations and communities of faith to reach the men, women and children of North America with the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

Photo caption: The Hawkins family, Credit: Whitebox Photography


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