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Where We Are and How We Got Here

400 people gathered on March 6-8 for the third annual Anglican 1000 Church Planting Summit in Plano, TX. It was an exciting gathering of worship, networking, prayer, and reports from the mission field. Below is an excerpt from Archbishop Duncan’s closing homily on March 8, followed by featured content from Anglican leaders and plenary speakers. Also see below for an opportunity to apply for the new Vicar for Anglican 1000 job position.

“Where we are and how we got here.”

“The subject has changed. It really has changed. The things we talked about in the past are long gone and the subject about which we speak now is radically different. How? Jesus is at the center of who we are and what we are doing….”

Read the rest of Archbishop Duncan’s closing homily at Anglicans United.

Additional content from the 2012 Anglican 1000 Church Planting Summit:

We are searching for a Vicar (Provincial Director) for Anglican 1000 – the provincial catalyst for making church planting the central enterprise of the Anglican Church in North America. Archbishop Duncan has asked that clergy and congregations pray and think about who might be able to fulfill this work. The full job description for the Vicar for Anglican 1000 can be found here.


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