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AMEN Sponsors the Call and Response Conference

The Anglican Multi-Ethnic Network (AMEN) is a group of individuals, organizations, and churches within the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) “dedicated to encouraging the church to better embody the universal saving power of the gospel through planting multi-ethnic churches and increasing the presence of people of color in existing churches.”

The Call and Response Conference “will call together church folks, marketplace and nonprofit leaders, pastors, practitioners, artists, and activists from across generations to respond faithfully to the challenges and opportunities of the present moment in America. We seek to offer a prophetic witness to the church and the nation while remaining biblically-grounded in a holistic gospel that has the power to transform lives and communities.”

AMEN is one of several sponsors for this event. Other sponsors include Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Intervarsity Press, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the Wesleyan Church. While not all of the views and ideas expressed at this conference are necessarily those of the Anglican Church in North America or the Anglican Multiethnic Network, the Anglican Church in North America supports and encourages discussion regarding multiethnic and multicultural issues and challenges in the church.

To contribute to AMEN’s ability to sponsor this event, donate here.

To learn more from AMEN about the event, click here.

To learn more directly from the conference and to register, click here.


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