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Anglican Frontier Missions Celebrates 25 Years of Ministry

AFM is committed to going where the need is greatest, planting indigenous churches among the largest and least-evangelized people groups in the world. Although 67 generations have come and gone since Jesus’ resurrection, over 2 billion people are still unreached with the good news of His love for them. This unseen 1/4th of the world’s population has little or no geographic or cultural access to the Gospel. AFM mobilizes churches and sends short and long-term missionaries to do pioneer, frontier missions to areas where a viable and visible church still does not exist.

On September 15, 2018, AFM will gather in Richmond, Virginia to celebrate the past 25 years of AFM’s ministry sharing the love of God with the largest and least-reached people groups of the world and you’re invited to join. There will be a Thanksgiving service and reception.

Additionally, in remembrance of all the Lord’s work through AFM over the last 25 years, its founder along with other key members of the organization have released a Silver Anniversary book entitled Shadows from Light Unapproachable. The book “describe[s] the way this missionary society has served God’s vision.”

To review and purchase the book, visit

For more information and to register for the anniversary celebration, please visit


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