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Anglican Youth Minister's Gathering, October 2-5

Youth ministry is a tough gig. Helping adolescents follow Jesus means not only helping them understand the abundant life he offers them, but doing so in an era of distraction and overcommitment, where church feels like the last priority on their minds. And it can be especially lonely and difficult to engage this task in an Anglican context, since most youth ministry resources come from sources that lack the beauty and depth that drew so many of us into the Anglican way.

That’s why we, Young Anglicans, are hosting the Anglican Youth Ministers Gathering. We want to give anyone who works with youth (volunteer, full-time, lay, clergy, or any combination thereof) a chance to gather together, be encouraged, meet some other Anglican youth ministers, and go home with fresh ideas.

Here’s what Eric Overholt, an Anglican youth minister in California, said about why he’s coming to the AYMG this October:

“There’s nothing like being in a room full of leaders that care about student ministry as much as you do. Add in the Anglican context and it only increases the camaraderie. They speak the same language, are interested in the same things, and are just really fun to be around. I treasure this time with other Anglican youth leaders for the friendships. These friends have become my most trusted resource in youth ministry. I’ve also received some good training (especially, as a diocesan leader) and the resource sharing is always helpful.”

Join us at the annual Anglican Youth Ministers Gathering, October 2-5, 2019 in Wheaton, Illinois!

Learn more and register here.


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