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Archbishop Duncan Recounts “Miracle in Jericho”

Brothers and Sisters,

When 80 pilgrims accompanied me to the Holy Land recently, I shared with them about the great loss God’s people have sustained by failing to “get Scripture by heart.” Scripture memorization was a major part of the spirituality of every age before our own.

At Jericho, looking toward the Mount of the Temptations, near where the incident must have happened, one of our pilgrims recited Mark 10:46-52. The camera was facing into the setting sun. (Perhaps only the audio would be successful?)

What God gave us — the video is undoctored — is something many have described as another “Miracle in Jericho.” The Lord’s blessing on this public exercise in Scripture memorization turned out to be far more than any of us could have imagined or can credibly explain. The cameraman saw no cross as he made the recording. The next story told by Mark is the entry into Jerusalem leading to Jesus’ crucifixion.

Click to watch “Miracle in Jericho” video.


Archbishop Robert Duncan
Lent 2011


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