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Caminemos Juntos: First Ordination and Fourth Conference in Mexico

The purpose of this gathering was to mobilize leaders for the planting of Anglican churches throughout Mexico and to provide a space for new congregations and leaders that are exploring joining the existing group of ACNA churches.

Present were 4 missionaries from the new GAFCON Province in Brazil including missionary Bishop Flavio Adair Suarez who was the keynote speaker and presented lessons learned from the growth of the church in Brazil through multiplication and disciple making. Others shared on the intercessory and women’s ministries which have played a key role in Brazil.

On Sunday, the final day of the conference, Farhid Adabache of Iglesia del Gran Pastor, was ordained as a deacon by Bishop Mark Zimmerman of the ACNA Diocese of the Southwest which includes the Mexico deanery of congregations. This was an historic occasion, marking the first Anglican Church in North America leader ordained in Mexico.

Deacons Farhid and Eduardo Gonzalez, who serves in Ciudad Juarez on the border with El Paso, Texas will both represent Mexico at the upcoming GAFCON conference in Jerusalem later this summer.

Caminemos Juntos is the GAFCON network for Mexico and Latin America. This year, in addition to hosting this regional gathering in Mexico, Caminemos Juntos is also hosting conferences in the United States and Argentina.

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