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Friday, October 25th, 2013

Morning Prayer, Bible Study, and Mini-Conferences

At this point, the daily schedule of Morning Prayer & Bible Study, Tea, and the First Session has become a comfortable routine.

During the tea time it is clear that the new relationships that just began to be formed on Monday have deepened quickly over the course of the week.

Press Conference

There are many reasons to be here at GAFCON: the teaching that has been given through the plenary speakers and mini-conference tracks, the daily worship, and the fellowship; these elements alone have been well worth the investment of the time and resources to be here in Kenya. However, many of the delegates have desired for the conference to do even more, moving beyond words and committing to action. The desire to support those members of the conference who desire tangible evidence of the solidarity they have felt here in Nairobi, has led the conference to affirm its continued commitment to providing oversight to those who are ministering in places devoid of orthodox leadership.

The Draft Communique

The big moment of the day came when the first draft of the conference communique was presented to the delegates. Bishop John Guernsey, from the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic, read the draft from the podium, and then delegates were immediately invited to meet together, province by province, to provide feedback.

Our delegation from the Anglican Church in North America expressed their appreciation for the draft communique and had a productive list of suggestions about how the document might be improved. These suggestions were passed back to the communique team, combined with the suggestions received from the other provinces, and now the team goes to work to produce a new and improved communiqué on behalf of the conference.