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Saturday, October 26th, 2013

As the provinces gathered to share the Eucharist on the final day of the Global Anglican Future Conference there was a sense of anticipation as the delegates awaited the reading of the final communiqué. The worship this morning was a blend of the contemporary and the traditional that we have come to expect at the Nairobi cathedral, and the musical highlight of the day was a piece beautifully performed by the children's choir.

Following the service, delegates shared the final tea of the conference, and then made their way to the Trinity center. The communiqué team had worked throughout the night reading and evaluating every recommendation that was made by the provincial delegations, and the final document reflected this refinement. The Communique was eloquently read by the husband and wife team of the Vice-Chancellor of Uganda Christian University John Senyoni and Dr. Ruth Senyoni.

The Communique and Nairobi Commitment is an important and broad document that speaks on topics ranging from evangelism, to education, to marriage, to the future of the Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans. You can read the full Communique here.

After the Communique was read it was received first with applause, then a standing ovation, and finally celebrated with an African hymn sung in tight harmony. It was the culmination of a tremendous week in the life of the Anglican Communion; a week that will shape the future of Anglicanism for years to come.

Following the reading of the Communique, many delegates shared lunch together on the campus while others made their way to the airport to catch afternoon flights.