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Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Morning Prayer, Bible Study, and Morning Mini-Conferences

Delegates from the Anglican Church in North America were proud to see one of our province members leading the morning Bible Study today. John Yates III, Rector of Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Raleigh, North Carolina taught on Ephesians chapter 4, and his teaching was very well received by those gathered.

After Morning Prayer and tea, the delegates returned to their mini-conference groups from the previous day for the fourth of five sessions.


Our Kenyan hosts graciously coordinated an afternoon trip to a local game preserve that is so close to Nairobi the pictures sometimes capture the city skyline. Taking 1300 people on safari for an afternoon is no small feat of logistics, particularly when security is a concern, but the planning committee did a tremendous job, and local authorities provided a police escort. After three and a half days of plenary sessions and mini-conferences it was refreshing to get out and see a little more of Kenya. Delegates saw many different types of animals including zebras, giraffes, and ostrich, but the highlight for those lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time was seeing the lions.

And on that Noteā€¦ Dinner

The evening meal was a unique Kenyan cultural experience, at a place called "Carnivore." As the name suggests, there weren't many vegetables on the menu, but there were choices of chicken, beef, lamb, and crocodile. Delegates were greeted by locals who were singing and dancing in traditional Kenyan dress, and the meal itself was served under a massive tent.

Pictures of the days events can be seen on Facebook here.